Some some very exciting news has come out today for all of those Final Fantasy fans out there.

Today during at the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, the composer, Arnie Roth, announced that “There is a Final Fantasy XII remake underway”, also stating that the game will be “coming out soon.”

This is very awesome news, yet at the same time, not very surprising considering the amount of Final Fantasy remakes we have been receiving as of lately. Odds are this won’t be a re-imagining of Final Fantasy XII, but rather a HD remake.

Nothing has been officially confirmed via Square Enix as of yet, but I’m sure the composer wouldn’t go around blurting out such announcements if they were not true. We will keep you updated as information regarding this rumor rolls out. Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement at Gamescom as this will be the next suitable occasion for Square to make such an announcement.