Final Fantasy XV is quickly closing in on it’s 1 year anniversary, boy how time flies! Since the release of Final Fantasy XV on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year, the game received quite a few side-games on the mobile platform, which either slightly follow the story of Final Fantasy XV, or at the very least, take place in the same world. While many would argue that Final Fantasy XV was a pretty big let-down, the game definitely did A LOT right, and it seems Square is running with it’s success.

There are however a few modern platforms out there that have not received Final Fantasy XV. It has been long rumored that the game would eventually head to the PC platform, especially as it was confirmed by the director last year that he would love a release on the PC. Now, straight out of nVidia Gamescom Press Conference we’ve received news that Final Fantasy XV will in fact be arriving on the PC sometime during early 2018. The game will be available only on Windows PC’s, and will feature all bonus content and DLC that has recently become available in the PS4 and Xbox One Versions. A listing for the PC version of the title is already up for viewing on the Steam Store.



Shortly following the announcement of Final Fantasy XV arriving on the PC, Square Enix also teased something Final Fantasy XV released coming to the Nintendo Switch. While the company was very cryptic, yet blunt about what may be in store, many Switch owners are holding their breath for a potential Switch release of Final Fantasy XV to follow the PC’s release. I suppose only time will tell.

For me personally, Final Fantasy XV is not a game I would love to play-through again in it’s entirety; however experiencing some of the new DLC adventures is definitely something I would enjoy doing, especially at the comfort of my own PC.