If you are a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, odds are you are just as intrigued as I am when it comes to the latest title in the series, Fire Emblem: Fates. The developers are taking quite a different route this time around with the series, ultimately making the game more story driven that is has ever been before. Fire Emblem Fates features two main groups of characters, to keep it simple, we’ll call one of the groups the “light” group, and the other the “dark” group.

Both groups seem to be at great war with each other, while also dealing with conflicts within their own groups. The story in general, seems to be so big that the developers have decided they will need to split the game in two, to tell two different stories. Today we learned that Fire Emblem Birthright, will be one of these titles, and Fire Emblem Conquest, will be the other. Each available for $39.99 alone, however when you purchase one, you receive a coupon code to download the opposite game for a discounted price of $19.99

Now ultimately, it seems like with each game, you’re simply getting a bigger look into the perspective of the opposing side, ultimately telling a completely different story all together. Not to mention the choices you make within the game, have the power to alter the story a bit, but that’s where the third story comes in, yes that’s right, there are THREE story paths now.

During the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a DLC story path, entitled “Fire Emblem Revelations” would also be on the way, shortly after the release of Birthright and Conquest. It’s pretty safe to assume that this DLC story path, will tie together any loose strings we are left wondering after completing the other two stories. Odds are you will be playing both sides during Revelations, and this story path will bring a definite close to the story of the game. Or maybe it won’t? Who knows, but what we do know for sure is that Fire Emblem Fates, will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS February 19th, 2016! You won’t want to miss out!