It’s finally time to start talking about Destiny 2. Well, I mean, WE THE FANS have been talking about it for quite sometime now, however, the developers over at Bungie have been pretty “hush-hush” about the title, aside from a few confirmations here and there regarding the games development as well as plans for what they’d like to do with the game. Outside of that, no official trailer, teaser, gameplay, or images for the title have been shown….up until now.

Bungie recently took to Twitter yesterday and tweeted out the first ever Destiny 2 image. The image is quite simplistic all in all, however, the largest detail has had fans talking and speculating where exactly they plan to go with the story. Aside from the title “Destiny” and the big 2 in the background; you can see from behind the two is the Traveler, Beckoning over the last city itself, which has clearly gone up in flames!


From the looks of things right now, wherever Destiny 2 plans to take us, there is definitely going to be some war involved.


Despite the little we know about Destiny 2 at the moment; a marketing poster was leaked not too long ago from a Italian Retailer, which displayed the title to be arriving on September 8th, and a Beta period happening first on the PlayStation 4. In addition to this, Kotaku has apparently received word from an unnamed source that the game will in fact be arriving on PC, which has been something that has been highly speculated since the confirmation of the title.

Bungie is likely to official uncover the title sometime shortly before E3 2017 kicks off, with likely further information to be announced during E3. With the game apparently planned for a September launch, that’s almost early enough for us to pretty much be receiving tons of information for the title any month now, so really, it’s only a matter of time now.