Rainbow Six Siege was the last sizable Holiday launch title of 2015, and while it hasn’t been out for that long, that does not seem to stop developers from gearing up even more content for players to get their hands on.

Next month, some new DLC content will be arriving to the game in a sort of Expansion package, entitled “Operation Black Ice“.

The new DLC is set to bring two new operators to play as, along with their own weapons and exclusive gadgets. The DLC package will also come with new weapon skins, as well as some balance and gameplay tweaks.

Operation Black Ice is only the first of 3 other “seasons” that are currently planned to be released as DLC throughout the year. Throughout the year overall, the game will receive 4 new maps, 8 new operators, new cosmetic items, and new game modes. New maps have modes have been announced to be available for free for everyone, where as all other content must be acquired by using real money or by using Renown (the in-game currency system, earned by completing daily quests, matches, and challenges.)

It’s great to see Ubisoft looking to keep Rainbow Six Siege powered up throughout the year, and keeping it fresh with new constant content, I’ll definitely need to pick this title up sometime in the near future.