I’m generally not a big racing game person, but when it comes to Forza, or Gran Turismo, you can almost 100% count me into the party.

Forza 5 seemed to be quite an underwhelming game for most of the Forza community, and while this may be because of Microsoft trying to rush it out alongside the launch of Xbox One. This time around however, they seem to be going big with the latest iteration of Forza.

The game has been confirmed to run at a full 1080p 60FPS, and will feature over 400 brand new cars for us to choose from and hit the tracks with. We will also be getting a robust amount of brand new tracks, something Forza 5 seemingly lacked, and or had not enough of.

It was also confirmed that the game would feature 24 player multiplayer, which seemed to be the themed for many of the multiplayer based games they announced during their Press Conference.

Forza 6 will launching on September 15th of this year. I cannot wait!