The day Nintendo fans all over the world have been waiting for is finally here, that’s right, it’s time for the release of the Nintendo Switch! And despite the console not having the strongest launch line-up, as well as features available on launch day; many fans simply cannot wait to finally get their hands on the next-generation console.

As we already know, the online component of the Nintendo Switch is still in development, quite a bit. With that said, many have been curious as to how exactly the friend function will work, as Nintendo has revealed in the past that most of the multiplayer online function for the system will be handled via a 3rd party app. Despite this, your friends list will still be present on your Nintendo Switch console, and you’ll be able to register friends through it as well.

So how exactly does this work, you might ask? Well, as of now, Nintendo has provided users with a few ways to register friends on their Nintendo Switch consoles. The primary way at the moment being friend codes (yes I know, they have returned…for some reason.) Similar to the Nintendo 3DS, Switch users will be given a 12 digit friend code which they can share with others and vice versa. The only major improvement to this is that both players will no longer have to register a friend code. The moment you register a friend code, a friend invitation will be sent to that user where they can then accept or decline your request; so no more having to worry about you both having each others friend codes registered.

Other methods for adding friends on the Nintendo Switch include adding players that you are friends with on your Miitomo account, recent players you’ve come across online, and adding players locally. You’re probably thinking “Well shucks, Friend Codes are pretty much the easiest way to go about things then” and you’d be right. While friend codes are rather a complete bother to have returning to a Nintendo console, especially after the introduction to the Nintendo Network ID’s on both the Wii U and 3DS; you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo plans to implement other ways for users to add each other, sometime after launch. Adding users via their Nintendo Network ID as well as via Social Media are both confirmed to be on the way, so thank goodness for that.


Even if friend codes aren’t your thing, you can at the very least rest easy with knowing you’ll no longer have to essentially swap friend codes with your friends. Just have either you or your friend give one another your code, and you’ll be good to go.