Yes, that’s right. more amiibo figures are on the way! Wave 3 to be exact, and if you are by chance, interested in getting your hands on some of these, you had better plan accordingly, as they will more than likely all be sold out within 24hrs of their release.

GameStop has updated their scheduled release dates for the wave 3 figures as to when they will be receiving them in store. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered them online, take a look at that dates below for each respective figure.


  • Bowser – 2/6
  • Sheik – 2/13
  • Shulk -2/13
  • Toon Link – 2/13
  • Ike — ETA 2/13
  • King Dedede -2/13
  • Mega Man – 2/20
  • Sonic -2/20


No official release date for Rosalina (exclusive to target) and Lucario (exclusive to Toy’s R Us) have been announced as of yet, however they have been strongly rumored to arriving on store shelves on February 1st.