We all knew it was coming. Months and months Black Tusk Studios, now known as “The Coalition”, have been teasing us with Gears of War news. It only recently became apparent that there would be a bit of Gears talk at this years Microsoft’s Press Conference once they began advertising a Gears showing, hardcore.

Luckily for us, they did not disappoint. Closing out Microsoft’s Press Conference, Gears of War 4, was officially revealed. The game seems to set itself apart from the previous Gears of War games, featuring brand new characters, new creepy looking creatures, and an overall new story. The games dialogue, from what we were shown, seems to be a bit “lighter” overall, a bit more humor seems to take place, and I personally feel like the two characters that were shown, were a bit more colorful overall when compared to Marcus and the game.

The game is headed to Xbox One exclusively, of course, but it’s a ways off; Holiday of 2016 to be exact. But hey, at least we are getting Gears of War: Ultimate Edition this year. I am more than satisfied with just that.