Whatever Black Tusk Studios has cooking in the oven for all of us Gears of War fans, seems to be progressing slowly, but surely.

One of the developers from the studio, Jack Felling, tweeted out a photo regarding the development of Gears of War on Xbox One. The tweet read as follows –

“Last day of the shoot… One of the actors in a mocap suit! #MotionCapture #Props #MarkerBalls @GearsofWar”


The picture featured in this article, was the same picture Jack Felling tweeted out on twitter. It seems the developers have recently wrapped up all of the motion capture process of development, and are ready to go full swing into the development of the game.

Aside from this little tidbit. not much else has been shared regarding the development of Gears of War on Xbox One, aside from the fact that it will be sporting the new Unreal Engine 4.

Microsoft has, however, mentioned a few days ago that there will be some exciting Gears of War related new for fans at E3. *Crossing my fingers for remasters of games 1-3″. But until then, it’s the waiting game as usual.