I, along with many others, have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Gran Turismo series on the PlayStation 4. Lucky for us, it seems we are a tad bit closer to reaching that dream! Today during Sony’s Press Conference at the Paris Games Week Show, the company finally revealed their plans for the next GT title.

The game is being titled “GranTurismo Sport”, and while it isn’t exactly the “7th” full iteration that we’ve all been expecting and waiting for, this will definitely do. The game’s visuals thus far look AMAZING, and with it surely running at 1080p, my hopes are quite high for the game to be running at a full 60 FPS as well. It seems the game will be taking a different approach to the series, as this time around you’ll mainly be sporting your native country and competing in many different tournaments. Tournaments in-game are also said to run alongside real life tournaments, ultimately giving players rewards and prizes during the same time the real life tournaments conclude.

The game will also have a beta phase, which is currently scheduled to kick off in early 2016! It’s safe to say that odds are GT Sport will is looking to be a holiday 2016 title, but knowing Gran Turismo, it is very possible we won’t be receiving it until early 2017.