When it comes to newly releases titles, nothing excites me more about them, then when I hear developers promise that they will continue to support, and update the title after launch, into the foreseeable future. It gives you a sort of insurance that goes beyond from what you already know you’re getting from the contents on the back of the box. You’re getting your money’s worth, to put it simply.

It seems 343 Industries is looking to do the same with their upcoming Halo 5: Guardians which releases this October 27th on Xbox One.

343’s Josh Holmes, recently discussed the studios plans for the title, over on the TeamBeyond Forums this weekend, a popular competitive focused Halo community website.

With a ton of new plans and content the studio has in store of the title, which Josh sated will be shared at E3 2015. he also did state, and I quote, that Halo 5: Guardians will have the “most substantial post-launch support plans of any Halo title”. This is extremely exciting to hear, especially if the Halo 5 actually has a smooth launch, unlike Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Josh also confirmed that not every game type will be in the title at launch, however they are focused on bringing a large variety into the game overtime. Their focus in the meantime is currently making sure everything is working and ready to go with what they currently have. A great choice if I do say so myself, considering the colossal disaster Halo: MCC was up until only recently.