It’s nice to see companies spicing up their current gen platforms with new sleek designs, and artwork goodness that will have us spending more time staring at the console itself rather than drooling over the nice visuals it presents on screen. And in case you ARE one of those people who enjoy having a sexy console, you’re in luck.

Recently on Twitter, Josh Holmes of 343 Studios confirmed in response to a tweet, that a Halo 5 limited edition Xbox One console is in fact coming, though hasn’t been revealed as of yet. Halo 5 is without a doubt going to be one of the largest launches of this year, if not the biggest, and releasing a Halo 5 themed Xbox One console will definitely be a smart move to help push Xbox One consoles alongside the games launch. Let’s just hope this themed Xbox One comes bundled with the game as well!

If the console turns out to be a standalone, expect the system to be released if not a few days prior, on the same day as Halo 5 launches, which will be on October 27th of this year.