It’s been a long time since the original Halo Wars was released. While the game wasn’t a HUGE hit, it was definitely loved among RTS fans who were also into Halo. I myself took a bit of interest in the game, but never got around to buying it, perhaps now is a good time?

Either way, today during Microsofts Gamescom Press Conference, Microsoft revealed Halo Wars 2 will be headed to both Xbox One and Windows 10 during Fall of 2016. The game will be developed by both 343 Industries as well as Creative Assembly for the sequel.

Aside from a very awesome trailer that was revealed for the game during the Press Conference, not much else was discussed regarding the game, but we were told that it will include “fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all new Halo Story.”

Hopefully this game turns out to be as awesome as the trailer is.