Halo Wars was a solid, yet extremely under-looked title back in 2009. It was however, successful enough to receive a sequel which is soon to be on the way which we all know well by now. However, before we get our hands on the sequel, Microsoft wants to to relive the first game in a more updated experience; as the company as well as 343 Industries have announced that Halo Wars Definitive Edition would be arriving this month for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

While the companies haven’t exactly released that many details in regards to the remaster, they have stated that the game will be distributed to those who have pre-ordered the digital Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition, which is set to run you $80. Codes are set to go out to pre-order holders on December 19th. It has also been shown on the Xbox Store than the game will feature “improved graphics, new achievements, and all of the original DLC.”

Pre-ordering the digital Ultimate Edition of Halo Wars 2 seems to be the only current way you’ll be able to get your hands on the upcoming remaster of the first Halo Wars. It seems 343 Industries have taken notice from Activision and Infinity Wards Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered strategy and are now forcing players to be the more pricey version in order to get their hands on the remastered classic. Well played 343, well played.


Further details on the product page regarding the availability for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition state “the codes for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will be delivered to your Xbox message center 7 – 10 days from pre-order, beginning December 20, 2016. Redeem your code on Xbox One, Xbox.com or the Xbox App on Windows 10.”


With having not played the first Halo Wars, but definitely looking into playing the 2nd; this offer is quite enticing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if my wallet can afford yet another Ultimate Edition purchase this year; hopefully Microsoft and 343 Industries decide to release the remastered version of the first Halo Wars as a standalone title, sometime before the official launch of Halo Wars 2.


Halo Wars 2 arrives on both Windows 10 PC as well as Xbox One on February 21st, 2016.