New 3DS XL designs are on the way!…What? No, I don’t mean the “New” Nintendo 3DS XL designs, I meant the recently announced 3DS XL designs! Sigh..still don’t understand? Ok let me just show you instead.




First on the list is the recently revealed Smash Bros themed, Nintendo 3DS XL. Recently announced for Europe, it was confirmed earlier today that the handheld was also hitting US stores on September 19th for $199. The system will be available in both red and blue.




Next up on the list, is my personal favorite, the recently announced NES designed Nintendo 3DS XL! Based around the original NES controller, this new design takes us OG’s back on the nostalgia train! This slick new design feature an NES themed face plate, along with red colored buttons on the inside of the handheld. This handheld will be a GamesStop exclusive and will go on sale October 10th for $199.




Lastly, for all of you Persona fans out there, on November 25th, a Persona Q Nintendo 3DS XL will also launch alongside Person Q: Shadow of of the Labyrinth. This design, as well, will be a GameStop exclusive and will be available for $199