So if you’re like me, or like most Pokemon fans in general right now, odds are you are all up in arms regarding the lack of Pokemon news for the Nintendo Switch. E3 2018 is just around the corner, and while we obviously don’t know every little thing Nintendo has to share with us regarding upcoming titles at the show – we do know for a fact now that Super Smash Bros. is going to be a fairly big focus this year – so that leaves the question “So, what about Pokemon?” Basically in everyone’s head.

Here’s what we know

  • Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch will be a Generation 8 Game
  • Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch will be a core RPG title
  • Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch will launch by 2019 (this means earlier is a possibility)


While yes, that isn’t a whole ton of information to go off of, it does allow us to narrow things down in regards to what the game will be like, when we’ll likely receive it, and what we can realistically expect, well, at least it was.

Recently however, our theories and all have been turned upside down by an apparent leak that has come out of 4chan and now various other messaging boards which claims the Pokemon Switch title to be code-named “Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu“. While at this point, these are all nothing but rumors, but what makes things a little bit more interesting is that recently a logo image for the supposed Pokemon title has also surfaced, which slightly adds a bit more credibility to the potential leak.



Now I get it, anyone with Photoshop can craft up a convincing image and share it to the world, and that’s why even still, I’m taking this all with a grain of salt, and you should too. Here’s where things get a little bit more interesting, though, and perhaps a bit more fishy – depends on how you want to look at it.

This was also posted on 4chan, though on April 1st which makes anything a bit difficult to consider as true – however, after seeing this it seems that either this prank has been in the world for quite sometime OR we may be onto something here. Overall, a return to Kanto seems to be the biggest bump in the road for this leak however, as Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have already confirmed that this title will in fact be a Generation 8 game, however, what exactly does this mean? While most of us would expect it would mean an entirely new generation of Pokemon – who’s to the history of the Kanto region might get a bit of changing with this potential new title, meaning entirely brand new Pokemon within the region? After all, the latest Pokemon movie which launched changed everything we knew and loved about the origin of the Pokemon anime, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Nintendo decided to take a similar route with their latest Pokemon title. But even still, let’s continue taking this all with a grain of salt.

The final bit of important information regarding this potential leak we need to touch on are the latest statement regarding Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch, made by Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers. Emily has recently shared via her blog that the next game will be revealed sometime during this month, and that the development team is taking heavy inspiration from the Pokemon GO title, which is currently available on mobile devices.

This information alone adds a bit more credibility to the games title, ultimately meaning we may be getting something a bit different from past Pokemon games, though, that will still keep that core RPG element in-tact, while also providing us with an entire new generation of Pokemon. It’s all a lot to take in surely, and I’m getting just as impatient with the rest of you.


All all, E3 is less than a month out, and only a few full weeks remain in May for Nintendo to make this announcement, if it is in fact in the works for this month. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on social media for that potential “Direct” announcement, and even on the big messaging boards for anymore potential leaks regarding this supposed title.