It’s time to bring the Tavern duels to your finger tips! Today many Ipad users were excited to see HearthStone now available on the app store. ¬†Initially the game was only available for Canadians, and a few other outside countries, but now is available across the globe.¬†HearthStone is available on iPad Air, iPad 4th Generation, IPad 3rd Generation, Ipad 2, and the IPad mini.

If this is your first time starting up the game you’ll be required to run through a few tutorials and missions to learn the basics and fundamentals of HearthStone, you’ll also get a free pack of cards just for playing on the Ipad version, and another for playing your first online match via the IPad, pretty sweet huh? There is no doubt that HearthStone will only grow so much more now that it has launched on IPad.

The official HearthStone twitter accounts states, For those inquiring about #Hearthstone Android and iPhone release dates, those devices are planned for later this year.