Heroes of the Storm is one of the most rapidly growing MOBA games to date, despite it only being in it’s closed beta phase. It seems things are going quite well on the development side of the game as well, as Blizzard has recently confirmed that the game will be officially launching on June 2nd!

Before the launch however, Blizzard will be holding an open beta phase which will kick off on May 19th. This phase is obviously a lot shorter than both the Alpha, and Closed beta phases, but at least it won’t be long until the game is finally in everyone’s hands!

Heroes of the Storm is personally my favorite MOBA to date. The shorter game times (generally 15-30 minutes tops) awesome heroes, and what I believe to be a much better leveling and ranking system, are all reasons I’ve grown to love this game very dearly. Oh, let’s not forget to mention it’s made by Blizzard. It will be nice to finally see this game in the big spotlight, and watch it grow to it’s full potential after it’s official launch on June 2nd. See you all in the nexus!