The shear scope of Call of Duty Ghosts is something new for the franchise

Today IGN released a 1 minute teaser of what to expect from Call of Duty Ghost’s gameplay reveal. The livestream will begin at 11AM PDT on the official Call of Duty website tomorrow.

In addition to the tease of Ghost’s underwater gameplay, the site also released new information on the game’s multiplayer mode and new story details. These details have been listed below:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts is focused on South America oil regions and players are facing “resource rich” states
  • “The U.S.’s fight with its enemies in the south takes centre stage in No Man’s Land – the first level of a multi-segment gameplay demo IGN I was shown. In it, our protagonist and his brother are making their way through an area 10 miles north of San Diego, now a desolate wasteland with the remnants of houses and collapsed freeways.” The demo referred to within this article will most likely be the demo audiences around the world will be able to feast their eyes on tomorrow.
  • There is a mysterious biological threat with “devastated environment”
  • Underwater level is an environment of its own. You have gun fights, new soldiers coming at your location from different directions. Using a Russian weapon that is weak, but useful underwater. “Enemies and the player take cover behind rocks and reefs, but also use unique verticality to get an elevated show or dodge fire”.
  • Infinity Ward built a whole new underwater environment
  • You have to swim from cover to cover – just like an above ground battle.
  • Call of Duty Ghosts has no ties to the Modern Warfare series. Simon “Ghost” Riley’s mask is purely “fan service”
  • The dog – “it’s a remote recon scout and deadly weapon controlled by the player via a tablet-like viewfinder.” The dog can also be used for recon and distraction.
  • IGN stated within their article that there will be ‘new multiplayer modes’
  • “instead of aiming down your sights and pulling the trigger, you target an enemy and tap the shoulder button to lunge for their throats”

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