Recently, many eyes over on the PS Store spotted the standalone DLC for the upcoming Infamous: Second Son, for a release date of August 26th. However, with this date not officially announced by Sony, many were a tad bit confused as to when exactly the DLC was coming. Luckily a recent tweet from Suck Punch Productions, has in fact confirmed that the DLC “First Light” ¬†will be arriving on August 26th here in North America, and August 27th in Europe.

First Light, will allow players to play as the neon-powered character named Fetch, from Infamous: Second Son. Her story revolves around her getting revenge against everyone who has done wrong to her. The game will available to be pre-downloaded and unlock upon release, being one of the first games on PS4 that you are allowed to actually pre-order and retrieve the moments it’s available to install.