Infinity Ward has announced today they will be developing this years Call of Duty title! (As if we would have never guessed)

Announcing on twitter


The company hasn’t yet announced what the title will be called, of the general style they’re going for this time around with Call of Duty, but odds are we will hear more about the title in-depth either a month or two months before E3 kicks off. That just seems to be the pattern with Call of Duty reveals.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts not being so well received among the CoD fanbase, odds are the company will be straying away from a sequel of that title. Modern Warfare 4 also seems a bit unlikely considering Sledgehammer games seems to be taking up the “Warfare” mantle, and we’ll, Modern Warfare 4 just doesn’t seem to make much sense, especially considering that Modern Warfare 3 was marketed as “World War 3” being the focal point of the title.

There’s a good chance we might receive something brand new! Many fans have been hoping Infinity Ward skips out on a new release all together, and instead, releasing full fledged remasters of all 3 Modern Warfare titles. I would personally love that direction.

What do you hope Infinity Ward does with this years Call of Duty title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!