Microsoft has recently held their Build 2017 Address in Washington, where they both discussed and revealed of their plans surrounding upcoming UI changes coming to their platforms. The company is branding the current upcoming UI changes as “Fluent Design”, and will be arriving via a Windows 10 update this Fall which is entitled the “Fall Creators Update.”

Microsoft released a overview trailer of sorts which sort of shows off exactly what they are going for with the Fluent Design and various examples of how things will work and look once the update arrives on Windows 10 platforms.

What’s a bit more interesting though, is a split segment within the trailer which displays a UI design which looks awfully like a type of UI design we would see present on the Xbox One platform. The UI looks a tad bit different than what we currently have on our current Xbox One platforms, which leads us to believe that this could either be a glimpse at the UI which will be present in Scorpio, or perhaps the Xbox One as well.

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It’s hard to say, mostly due to the fact that the Fall season is generally when Microsoft releases UI/Dashboard updates for the Xbox, so it’s quite likely that this UI we see teased now will be somewhat similar to what we’ll be receiving this coming Fall. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft is readying yet another UI update, after so many recent UI updates that have landed on Xbox One throughout the past year or so.

Project Scoprio owners will more than likely boot up their consoles for the first time with this UI already installed, where as Xbox One owners will obviously have to download the update. With that in mind, upon the full unveiling of the Project Scoprio which will take place during Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference, expect to see something similar to this UI when we see the Scorpio boot up for the first time.

If you are interested in seeing what the Fluent Design UI looks like, you can check it out by watching the video below.