Many fighting games fans are ecstatic about what’s in store for them in this new year, 2017. With Tekken 7, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, new Killer Instinct content, and so much more on the horizon in 2017 – it’s hard to contain the excitement and the desire to receive these games as early as possible.

One fighter in particular which is set to arrive in 2017, is Injustice 2; which was revealed earlier in 2016 as a direct sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. With Injustice 2 being revealed earlier in the year of 2016, many fans have, and are even still currently expecting the title to be ready to launch sometime during Spring this year, however, it seems we may not be getting our hands on it that early.

A rumored release date of March 28th has been circulating around the net for quite sometime for Injustice 2; however, the rumor was put to rest earlier today as Ed Boon confirmed via twitter that the title would not be arriving on that date. It’s safe to expect Injustice 2 to arrive sometime before June, as majority of NetherRealm Studio’s titles seem to release before the second quarter of the year.


With as rocky of a launch that Mortal Kombat X had, I think it’s safe to say that NRS should spend as much time developing and perfecting Injustice 2 as they have available to them. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, also arriving sometime this year, is expected to be a direct competitor to Injustice 2, and is also catering to the more traditional Comic Book/Super hero crowd. Hopefully NRS has learned from their past mistakes, and shape Injustice 2 into the fighter we all know the team is more than capable of creating.