Probably my all time favorite announcement which made it’s way out of Sony’s TGS Press Conference today, would have to be the official announcement from SNK Playmore, that the King of Fighters XIV, is in development and will be headed to the PlayStation 4 in 2016! Despite being one of the most difficult Fighting Game franchises of all time to get into due to it’s learning curve, The King of Fighters still remains my all time favorite Fighting Game series till this day, and I am more than thrilled to see it’s return!

This announcement comes as quite shocking to many as generally SNK tends to release KoF games in Arcades first before porting them over to console. It seems this formula is now beginning to change, and quite rapidly at that seeing as Capcom is doing the same with Street Fighter V.

The King of Fighters XIV seems to be taking a more 2.5D style approach, similar to what Guilty Gear Xrd has going with their visuals. This is something I personally will have to see in action before making a final call, as the teaser below just doesn’t cut it in terms of footage.

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