Kingdom Hearts will soon be making it’s way to the mobile platform, with the upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X! Officially announced today by Square Enix, the game is set to arrive on both IOS and Android on April 7th, that’s this coming Thursday! The game is a browser based role playing game, which will feature tie-ins to the Kingdom Hearts backstory.

“This is the story of the “beginning” of the KINGDOM HEARTS series; in other words, it falls into the earliest part of the narrative. It takes place in the world of fairy tales talked about throughout the series, during an era before the Keyblade War. There are many different keyblade wielders in the world, and you, the player, are one of them.”


The game is also set to tie-in to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. It seems Kindgom Hearts has a ton of un-told stories, and this may very well be just the beginning! It really makes me wonder about the potential storytelling Square Enix could do with the franchise, by even possibly making games that feature different characters within the franchise. There seems to be a lot of lore, and side-games released on smaller platforms may be the perfect opportunity for the company to share these stories.

You can read up on the entire Q/A for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X by visiting the blog located here.