Kirby’s Epic Yarn is finally making it’s way to the handheld-verse! And while it will be a bit different experience from it’s console counterpart, the title is surely to still contain that same charm that we all know and love that the 2010 Wii version of the game was able to capture.

Nintendo has announced that Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will finally be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS platform on March 8th. Aside from a few “quality of life” changes made to this new addition of the game, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will contain more features that the Wii version of the game did not feature, such as new abilities, mini-games, and other modes.

This game launches only a few weeks before the arrival of Yoshi on the Nintendo Switch, another very unique, artistic aesthetic based game, which will also surely be taking up a lot of your time if you’re into Nintendo performers.