Despite Konami’s recent scum-bag moves as lately towards Hideo Kojima, it seems the business is still looking to move past it all and continue their business….as that’s what businesses do.

However, what is a bit surprising is that Konami is already looking to continue the Metal Gear Solid franchise, so it seems any future MGS titles we do receive, will still be under them.

This news come from a recent job listing over on the official Konami website. A huge website states “New Recruiting NEW METAL GEAR Development Staff“. There is no doubt here that they are trying to catch everyone’s attention in regards to the future of Metal Gear Solid.

The qualifications for the positions are needed are: “Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc. Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas. A strong passion toward game creation. The communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas

Even though I am still extremely upset with Konami, I am a bit interested to see what they will do with the MGS franchise, moving forward. It only feels natural that they will go out about re-booting the franchise, however, with Kojima now gone; I honestly hope they put their own unique spin on the franchise instead of keeping it so close to Kojimas original visions.