One of the more highly anticipated titles which have already been confirmed to be arriving this year is Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans of the first title have been waiting several years for a sequel, and finally, their dream is coming true. The title has had several release date rumors and leaks in the past, but the latest apparent leak has the titles release date pointed towards October 3rd.

This latest leak comes from a Polish retailers website, though the site has since removed the release date and states that they have not revealed anything confidential.


While not much more can be taken from this apparent leak, October 3rd could surely be a definite release date as it does land on a Tuesday which is when big industry titles usually launch on. As usual, we’ll probably be waiting until E3 2017 before we receive official word regarding the titles release date, as well as confirmation as to whether or not the game will be arriving on PC – which is something fans are really hoping for. As of now however, a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release are certainly a given.