We’ve all been dreaming of it for sometime now. I can’t help but think back to the “Legend of Zelda” movie trailer that IGN fooled us all with on April fools several years back, ever since watching that fake trailer I’ve been craving a live-action Zelda series, now it looks like we may finally be getting one!

According to the Wall Street Journal, a live-action The Legend of Zelda series is currently in the making by Netflix. Anonymous sources have told the Wall Street Journal, that the series in still very early in it’s development, however they are working closely with Nintendo on this series. The show is also at the moment, currently seeking a writer, so if they have anything at all going as of now, it’s probably just a few actors lined up. The series is said to be for the family audience, but looking to take on a roll similar to Game of Thrones.

This is extremely exciting nonetheless, and hopefully we’ll hear more about this not too far down the line.