Recently we’ve received official word that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash would be arriving this November. As eager as I am to get my hands on yet another Mario Tennis, I’ve been a bit on edge about purchasing depending on whether or not the title will actually be receiving online play. Luckily, today we’ve officially received word about a few details regarding the game.

The Nintendo focused Reporter GameXplain, who has recently gotten a chance to play the new title, has confirmed that the game will in fact have online play. You’ll be able to play against players worldwide, due to the title not being region locked. Doubles play will also be enabled online, meaning you can team up with a friend, and play against another duo if you so desire.

It has also been revealed that the game will sport some sort of Amiibo support, which is truly no surprise considering pretty much all of Nintendo’s first party releases now, are coming with some sort of Amiibo functionality. It’s been said that the Amiibo will be able to be used as an AI partner, offline and online, however not much else has been revealed about the functionality.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is undoubtedly Nintendo’s last BIG first party launch title of the year, with Yoshi’s Wooly World recently launched. Hopefully with the addition of these features, the game will do much better than the recent 3DS release.