Despite now losing both Zelda Wii U, and StarFox Zero for Holiday launch titles this year, Nintendo still has some pretty good titles releasing throughout October, up until the end of the year. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is one of them!

We’ve seen various Mario sports games throughout the past years, but we’ve set to see an official one release on the Wii U. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, will be the first. Nintendo has recently revealed that the title will be arriving on November 20th, amidst a month full of much larger releases, in my honest opinion.

The game will retail at $49.99, $10 cheaper than the usual price of newly released Wii U titles. The game will feature a few new functions, online multi-player, and Mega Battles, giving players the ability to use the Mega Mushrooms to gain a large advantage within a match.

While Mario Tennis is more than likely not going to help push Wii U sales this Holiday season by any means, the Mario Tennis franchise has always held a special place in my heart so I will more than likely be picking this up.