After being rumored for quite some time, the Mario and Raving Rabbids RPG game for the Nintendo Switch has finally been confirmed this week. Yes, it sounds absolutely crazy, and yes it’s coming a lot sooner than you probably think.

The title was confirmed this week by art assets which were provided to Kotaku. The game is entitled “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle” and is set to see a release on the Nintendo Switch this Fall. The game will ultimately combine many of our favorite mushroom kingdom characters into a crazy adventure with Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters which originally debuted in the title, Rayman: Raving Rabbids on the Nintendo Wii in 2006.

The game is said to have eight playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and four of the Rabbids, all of which dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach. Sounds crazy right? The crossover title is apparently set to have many traditional RPG assets, such as turn-based combat, and lots of rich dialogue (in this game, humorous, apparently.)


It will be interesting to see how this title plays out when officially revealed. Many of the past RPG Mario titles have been great games, with very solid stories; so I can only imagine that adding in the craziness that the Rabbids are surely to bring will be even more enjoyable. It’s quite likely that we’ll officially hear about the Mario + Rabbids title during this years E3, but with rumors of Nintendo holding another Direct shortly before E3, it is possible that we will receive an official announcement a little bit before then.