Rumor has recently hit the web that Microsoft may be gearing up to announce and release a smaller model of the Xbox One later this year. According to a Chinese Blog WPDang.comĀ the system will be announced at an upcoming Microsoft Event set to take place this October.

The blog has stated that the system will be a smaller model of the Xbox One, ridding the Blu Ray player, ultimately becoming a lot more quiet, with users having to download all content digitally. At the moment, this is really just a rumor, but they’ve also stated that during the event Microsoft will also announce a new Nokia Lumia, the Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft Band 2.

This wouldn’t be a terrible move by Microsoft; with Windows 10 newly released, and the Holiday Season just around the corner, a cheaper, smaller, and Windows 10 ready Xbox One would be perfect for those new owners looking to jump right into the action. It’s also safe to say, these other rumored to be announced devices will come stocked with a newly themed Windows 10 OS, but again, it’s all just a rumor until Microsoft states otherwise.

We will keep you updated as more information rolls out regarding this rumor.