As many of you probably already heard earlier this week, Microsoft was readying to finally unveil some information regarding their Project Scorpio console, which is currently due to release sometime during the Holiday season this year. It was reported a few days ago that Eurogamer¬†would be the first to reveal the new information regarding the console; and while we weren’t sure exactly what sort of information we would be getting, the information did get – sure did please console hardware guru’s out there.

For starters, let’s just be upfront about it; Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console will in fact be the most powerful gaming system to ever be available on the market. This of course, is assuming neither Nintendo or Sony push-back with an even more powerful iteration of their current gen hardware; which considering the Nintendo Switch just launched, and with the PlayStation 4 Pro not even being around for a full year yet – it’s quite unlikely.

Revealed today, the Project Scorpio is a true 4K gaming console, and has been confirmed to be able to handle 4K gaming at not 30, but 60FPS with additional performance to do other things simultaneously. The system packs a custom GPU that runs at an “unprecedented clock speed” and is packed with 12GB of GDDR5 Ram, as well as an 8 core CPU. It was also confirmed that the system will also feature a built-in power supply, much like the Xbox One S, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over that brick of a cable.

In addition to a lot of the hardware perks the Project Scorpio will sport, the console will also be able to play all Xbox One games, as well as Xbox 360 games that are available via backwards compatible. The system will also boost performance for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, by shortening load times, allowing for games that may struggle with frame-rate issues on current Xbox One systems to run much more smoothly.

From the sounds of it, you’re probably wondering how such a beast of a system will be able to run so efficiently. Well, the Project Scorpio system will also sport several features to help the console stay cool, and continuing running without damage being done to any of the hardware. The system features a Vapor Chamber, which “utilizes an advance liquid cooling system” that will ensure the system stays at low temperatures. In addition to this a Centrifugal Fan is also installed into the system and works alongside the Vapor Chamber by “pulling in and compressing air“.


So far, the Project Scorpio is without a doubt, the end-game for all of you hardcore console gamer’s out there. Do you want the best possible console experience? Well, the Project Scorpio is likely what your eyes should be directed towards when the system launches later this year. It’s important to note that we’ve only received a tad bit of information surrounding the system, with exclusive features, games, price point, and even what the system looks like – are yet to be revealed. Eurogamer did report that they were shown a unnamed Forza demo running on the console in full 4K at 60FPS to showcase the capability of the console, so it’s quite likely Forza 7 will be a launch title for the Project Scorpio.

With all we know thus far, it’s same to assume that the Project Scorpio may see a price point of $499 or higher. $500 seems about right for what you’re getting, and even $600 doesn’t seem like to big of a stretch, but we’ll have to see as Microsoft is yet to unveil more important details regarding the console, which will likely be announced sometime during E3 2017.