Nintendo’s first full fledged Smart-device app “Miitomo” has now opened for pre-registration for those of you who wish to register for a Nintendo Account and claim your name before the service launches next month.

Miitomo is a social app focused around your Mii’s and your friends. If you’ve ever played Tomodachi life, it’s a bit similar in a way, ¬†though you can do a bit more with your Mii’s as well as communicate with your friends via the application.

Miitomo is the Mii service we’ve all wanted. It’s the service the “Mii” brand has deserved ever since Nintendo revealed the idea back in 2006. You’ll be able to make creations with your Mii’s and take photos with them, where you will then be able to share them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I’m super excited for Miitomo. As a lover of Mii’s and a huge advocate for social avatar apps and games, this will probably shoot to the top of my list for favorite social app of all time.

You can visit the official Miitomo site which has just launched to learn more and pre-register for an account.