Yesterday morning Nintendo held it’s first Nintendo Direct since the last few months. This direct was mainly Nintendo 3DS focuses, mainly focusing on titles coming for the System in 2014, and a few launching this month. One of the most notable announcements from this 3DS centered Direct, was the announcement of a new patch that is slated to arrive on the 3DS system, next month. The patch has been said to bring the popular social Wii U app, Miiverse, too the 3DS system, allowing 3DS users to interact with other players from specific 3DS software communities. The patch will also be bringing the integration of “Nintendo Network ID’s” to the 3DS system. 3DS users will be able to share the same wallet balance between their Wii U system, and their 3DS system, as long as they are both sharing the same Nintendo Network ID. Nintendo has also stated that throughout time, they will also be incorporating the Nintendo Network ID function into other 3DS related software. This is a giant leap forward for the future of the 3DS, perhaps maybe next year we will see an extinction of the friend codes system? Who knows, but nonetheless it will be very interesting to see where Nintendo takes this.