Mirrors Edge 2, has probably been one of the most kept secret, undercover, rarely discussed titles, in the industry since it’s announcement at E3 back in 2013.

Last month, however, it was revealed that the sequel to Mirrors Edge would be making it’s way to shelves between January and March of 2016. With EA having a long history of working with the patient and trademark attorney entity “J A Kemp” many now have reason to believe that EA has officially trademarked the Mirrors Edge 2 official title, just in time for an E3 2015 reveal, as the title “Mirrors Edge: Catalyst” was recently trademarked by the firm in Europe.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, the official Mirrors Edge twitter tweeted out the following image earlier today.



It’s great to know that we will more than likely be hearing a lot more regarding the new Mirrors Edge title during EA’s Press Conference this year. However, at the same time, I am a bit saddened that we will more than likely be waiting until early 2016 to be able to play the game. Patience is key, I suppose.