Monster Hunter fans, go wild! For those of you who have been dreaming and awaiting of a Monster Hunter title on the Nintendo Switch, Capcom has finally revealed the first Monster Hunter game which will be arriving on the platform; which will in fact be a Switch version of Monster Hunter XX.

The name will be tweaked just a little bit for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, as it will be simply entitled “Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.” The announcement was made via the official Monster Hunter XX Twitter account, where it was also revealed that more information regarding the title is on the way and will be revealed at the Monster Hunter Summit Tournament in Sapporo which takes place on May 27th. The event will be available to watch on both YouTube as well as Fresh starting at 12:00 JST, so if you’re interested in seeing some Monster Hunter action, live – be sure to tune in!


Monster Hunter has quickly grown into one of the most popular franchises on Nintendo platforms over the years, and despite the games always releasing in Japan first; the porting process has become much more quick in recent years. Though Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will not be an entirely new game, you can definitely expect to recive some brand new features which will further enhance the Monster Hunter experience.

We will keep you updated on . as more details are announced.