Another Pokemon game is finally seeing it’s release on the Mobile platform outside of Japan, with Pokemon Duel officially being released. The title released earlier last year in Japan under the name “Pokemon Co-Master”, and Pokemon Duel is simply the title for the Western release.

The title is much different than any other Pokemon title you’ve ever played before, as this one is much more strategy based and focused. Pokemon Duel is a sort of virtual board game of sorts, where players will choose 6 Pokemon figures of their choice, with the ability to customize their abilities and move-sets. The objective of the game is to move around the board strategically and to reach a specific place on your opponents side of the board, which will then declare you the victor.

The game of course features online-play, where you’ll be able to battle against other players. Micro-transactions will also very well be a thing in this title, as you’ll be able to purchase more figurines, time boosters, and other items to further enhance your team.

Nintendo has released an information page over on the official Pokemon website detailing the game in-depth, that we recommend checking out before you hop in! A new trailer for the games western release has also been released, which you can check out below.

Pokemon Duel is out now for Android and IOS users!