Mortal Kombat’s Raiden Is Headed to Injustice 2 along with a DC Spin


The next DLC character as part of the Injustice Fighter Pack 2 is on the way and will be bringing the storm along with him. That’s right, Mortal Kombat’s lighting savant, Raiden, is headed to the game this October. We got the to see the character in action for this first time recently, as the folks at NRS have just released an Introduction trailer for the character.

Along with Raiden’s addition to the game, he’ll also be receiving a sort of DC Spin. By that I mean, he’ll have his own DC themed Premier Skin which will be of the one and only Black Lighting. Being a premier skin, Black Lighting will share the same move-set as Raiden but will obviously sport his own unique, iconic appearance. This is a great move by NRS as many players are concerned that adding Mortal Kombat characters to the game is wasting roster space that could be used for more DC characters.


Raiden becomes available this October for free if you purchased the Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition. If you aren’t an owners of the Ultimate Edition of the game, you can simply purchase the Fight Pack 2 DLC, and receive him that way instead. Raiden’s Black Lighting Premier skin will be included alongside the character at no additional charge.