The Nintendo Switch is finally getting the Naruto treatment – rejoice Naruto fans. Bandai Namco has recently announced that the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy will be heading to the Nintendo Switch and is set to contain the same content as it’s fellow PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. The trilogy is essentially a remaster of Naturo Ultimate Ninja Storm, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The trilogy also includes all DLC that was released on each of the titles, so players will definitely be getting the full content experience.

Unfortunately however, it seems the Nintendo Switch version will be receiving the short end of the deal on the performance side of things. Bandai Namco has revealed that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will run at 540p when in handheld mode, and 900p in dock. With all next-gen platforms running the game at 1080p, it seems the reason behind the lower resolution on the Nintendo Switch is due to the company making sure the game can consistently run at 30FPS.

While it is not all that bad, as 900p is still solid, it is unfortunate that the Switch version of the title couldn’t hit the 1080p mark, as many of the systems titles currently available now are available to hit that mark whilst even running at 60FPS. Regardless, I’m sure many fans are looking forward to being able to play Naruto on the go, which in that case, makes the Nintendo Switch version of the trilogy the perfect pick.


The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy arrives in Japan on April 26th, with a western release yet to be announced.