I’m not that big on racers unless their simulations, and even then, I’m still garbage at driving; but despite that, I love seeing classic franchises make a come-back, and it seems once of the racing genre’s most prominent is well on it’s way.

Electronic Arts has recently confirmed to investors that a new Need for Speed title is set to be arriving sometime soon, and is currently scheduled to launch sometime before March of 2018. While that’s still a bit a way’s off, EA did confirm that this upcoming NFS title will be the titles first new mainline entry since the franchises 2015 reboot, which was entitled Need for Speed. The CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, confirmed that the game is set to have a competitive online focus, with the game being much more “ambitious” as a whole. While this doesn’t tell us all that much, I am thrilled to hear that it seems like they’ll be putting much more focus into the titles online functions.


It will be interesting to see where EA takes the Need for Speed franchise with this next entry, especially while competing against the likes of GranTurismo: Sport, and Forza Motorsport 7, which are both likely to see a release later in the year.