If you missed out on the Nintendo Entertainment Classic Edition which launched during the back-half of 2016, and continued to be all but in-stock throughout a good amount of early 2017 up until it’s temporary discontinuation, well you’re not in luck!

Nintendo has announced that the NES Classic Edition will be making it’s way to store shelves once again starting on June 29th, and will run until the end of the year, alongside the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. This is exciting news for anyone who would like to snag these collectors items that went crazy fast throughout the last few Holiday seasons.


While many people are looking forward to the return of the NES Classic arriving on store shelves once more, even more have begun speculating the possibility of a potential Nintendo 64 Classic Edition announcement sometime down the line. While I feel it may be a bit much for Nintendo to launch a 64 Classic Edition this Holiday Season, it is possible we might see it sometime down the road once the current classic edition run comes to a permanent close.

The NES Classic Edition will be available once more on June 29th for the price of $59.99.