HearthStone is without a doubt one of the biggest, and most successful F2P games of this generation. With millions of players actively playing since it’s official release last year, the game has definitely carved it’s name into the wall of “Most Successful Games of All Time”, but I mean it’s made by Blizzard, so that’s not really to much of a surprise.

What was a surprise however was the recent announcement of the next expansion that is headed to the game, which was revealed earlier yesterday. The upcoming expansion is entitled, ‘The Grand Tournament’ and takes a more light hear-ted spin on one of WarCrafts more important battles in WC history.

The upcoming expansion has been confirmed to feature 132 brand new cards, new card and minion mechanics, and a new board.

For those interested, you can pre-order the a fifty pack bundle of cards for the new expansion now, to receive an exclusive card-back, and a discounted price.

The Grand Tournament is set to release this August, with an official date still TBA.