If you own the recently released, Mortal Kombat X, on any of the current released platforms, odds are you’ve been coming across several issues from launch up until now. Though the game has proven to be a huge success, the game is also experience quite a few issues, and bugs. From the online netcode being almost un-playable at times, to bugs that are corrupting save-data, it seems MKX is not quite where NetherRealm Studios hoped it would be, functioning wise.

Luckily for us, during a Mortal Kombat X livestream that took place yesterday, developer Ed Boon made an announcement regarding several changes that will be coming to the game in a upcoming patch arriving this week. The patch hopes to improve on the many bugs the PC version currently has as of now as well as continuing to improve the online-play of the game. An option will also be added for online play that will allow players to back out of a match if your connections aren’t good, now having the choice to search for a new player that may have a better connection.

The upcoming patch also aims to decrease the download time it currently takes to download the living towers faction page and leaderboards on the PS4.

It seems all and all, a lot of things still need to be touched up on. Mortal Kombat X is a beautiful game to say the least, and plays amazingly when everything is working, best of luck to NetherRealm Studios to fully get things back on track with the title.