The Pokemon X & Y exclusive direct has just concluded, and while I feel not much was announced, the things that were, were in fact, quite surprising to say the least. If you missed the direct, here is a quick run-down of some of the things announced during the direct.


  • Gameplay shown at the beginning of the Direct showed of brief details regarding some of the new online features, an in-game system entitled the “PSS” is a system used to both trade, battle, and communicate with other trainers online throughout the entire globe. I can assume more details regarding this feature will be coming soon.


  • Two new DLC softwares were announced during the Direct. The first in which is “Pokemon Bank” which is a DLC service (pay to use, requires an annual fee) that enables you to store all of your Pokemon online, is a sort of “cloud based” storage system, which will allow you to access your Pokemon whenever you desire. Up to 100 boxes for Pokemon storage will be available.


  • The second DLC software coming to the 3DS is entitled “Poke Transfer” a software tool which will be used for transferring Pokemon from both Pokemon Black & White, as well as White 2, and Black 2, to your Pokemon Bank or to your Pokemon X & Y game. This software, will be free to use, and will come free (along with) the purchase of Pokemon Bank


  • Pokemon X & Y will also be mixing things up in-game, by the way you obtain your starter Pokemon. Historically, at the beginning of every Pokemon game, a professor is the one who will give you your starter Pokemon. in Pokemon X & Y, your “friend” in game will be the first to give you your first starter, where as later on, you will also be able to choose from Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur, from a professor in game. (TWO STARTERS?!?!?! YESSSS!!!!)


  • These starters will all have Mega evolutions, as well as many other Pokemon. Mega Evolutions during battle, are triggered by a sort of Black Wristband in which your in-game character wears. When a certain bond level is reached during a battle, your Pokemon will have the ability to Mega evolve. I’m sure more details regarding how exactly this works during battle will be on the way.



  • All in all, aside from the obvious global release date of October 12th, 2013, Iwata has also announced that the exclusive Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL which was recently announced  for Japan, will also be coming to all other regions in both the original blue, as well as a red color. This exclusive 3DS XL will be available on September 25th (Quick, run to your local gamestore and pre-order this, I’m sure they’ll sale quicker than the Pikachu 3DS XL.)


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