We’re still several months out till our next big Pokemon adventure takes place, and while many are still a bit unhappy in regards to the current state of the upcoming Sword & Shield titles – on the bright side, the Pokemon Company still seems to be very committed to keeping us all up to date with the latest developments, and not leaving us in a dry spell up until the games launch.

The next batch of information regarding the titles has recently been announced to be arriving later this week, August 7th to be exact! The official Pokemon social media accounts made it known today that new information would drop at 6am PDT on the 7th, however it was not made clear whether or not this information would come in the form of several social media updates, or perhaps a video/Direct update.


Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 15th! We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all of the latest information surrounding the game as it is unveiled.