For those of you out there who are still tolerating Advanced Warfare (I’m still barely hanging on) it seems like we’ll be getting some new content, more specifically, weapon content next Tuesday on the 21st!

Sledgehammer Games have recently announced over on their blog that a set of brand new weapon will be arriving on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As expected, these weapons will first appear on the Xbox One, with PlayStation 4, and PC following. These weapons are exclusive to the next-gen platforms, and PC, so for those of you still playing on the 360 and PS3 will be left behind unfortunately, this time around.

The three new weapons which are coming are, the ‘Blunderbuss’. which is a short-range shotgun, the ‘SVO’ a semi-auto sniper rifle, and the ‘STG44’ which is a classic assault rifle. All of which will have several different variants in which you will be able to unlock. It seems these weapons will be available to receive via the in-game store, as well as supply drops.