The Xbox One backwards compatibility is currently the most praised feature of the console, since it’s big update in November. We’ve all gotten quite used to waiting and anticipating for that new list of Xbox 360 titles to be revealed to us each and every month, as we seem to get a new batch of backwards compatible titles on a monthly basis.

Microsoft, however, has recently announced that this current release schedule for backwards compatible titles is no more. Starting today, new Xbox One Backwards Compatible games will be released as soon as they become available and the developers are ready to release them, instead of waiting for a monthly release.

This is great news, especially considering that games will more than likely be released a lot more frequently now. With that said, Microsoft has also unveiled a few new games that are being added to the backwards compatible feature. The following games are: Aegis Wing, Age of Booty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, Sam & Max Save the World, Skullgirls, Small Arms, Soulcalibur, Space Giraffe, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

I’m personally stoked for more Fighting Games titles to be added, hopefully they won’t have any issues with using Arcade Sticks.